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Below you will read some enthusiastic reactions of our clients:

LeasePlan Treasury
Many thanks for the fantastic boat journey on Wednesday and for all your organisation, especially the photo in Voldendam which was a big success. All of the guests had a fantastic time and it was great to have good weather.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Neil Carton
Associate Securitisation

On the principle that ‘after hard work one should sail’ Mailit invited her clients for a day of sailing on the IJsselmeer on June 9th 2006. Its was wonderfully relaxing, on the water and with the sun shining brightly, on board of the ‘Hoge Wier’ from Muiden.

The day’s theme was ‘knots’, which not only appeared to be reflected in the great speed of the one-masted clipper. Among the travelling items was the standard book ‘steken, splitsen en knopen’, which was useful in so many ways! We tied ropes together; we tied up the ship, connected with each other, and tried to make both ends meet...

At the end of the trip, Mailit’s head chef ‘knots and ropes’, Robert Farenhorst, was caught at the end of his rope worrying about the closure of the day. Finally, we decided to close the day on board ánd in the harbour of Muiden. How that ended...the story doesn’t tell us. But it was fun from beginning to end!

Anne-Marie Worm-de Moel – Mayoress of Muiden
Checked the weather forecast on Saturday: tomorrow winds 5-6 Beaufort, dry, and about 14 degrees. Perfect weather circumstances for a sailing trip with the Hoge Wier! I am looking forward to sailing along tomorrow. It is the 27th of October and the Muider Hardzeildagen have started. The harbour is full of beautiful flat-bottomed boats, from smacks to large clippers, 70 in total. This is how Muiden must have looked like 100 years ago. The photogenic fortified city with its centuries-old locks, located at the estuary of the Vecht, with the castle of Muiden in the distance; together they form the setting of this historical picture.

Sunday morning half past 9 a.m.: we embark the clipper the Hoge Wier, on which the crew and other guests are already drinking their coffee. The day before, they have sailed a very good race. The Hoge Wier became the number one in their class, the small clippers, with a lead of 50 minutes on the number two. That’s promising for today, with a good team and high wind speeds. Sacha explains to us our strategy and we cast off. First, he skilfully steers us through the locks and then we sail to the IJsselmeer. The sails are hoisted and in the main sail a reef is taken in. It is very hard work to hoist that large piece of fabric, but together it is done impressively quickly. We start very well and we sail with a will. My husband gets to steer a lot and that is also one of the most fun parts of sailing along: the crew tries to make it a wonderful trip for everyone. We go fast, sometimes there is even water in the gangways, but everything is under control. We take a lead on our competitors and, once, we even take the wind out of our competitors’ sails, although we do it in a sporty manner. When we are sailing in front of the wind, we also hoist the water sail. All other ships hoist theirs as well; it is a beautiful sight. We enjoy it all. I also have the feeling I get to know the crew a little. Old friends you haven’t seen for a while, but with whom you resume the thread easily. The catering also works very hard. With admiration I see how delicious sandwiches are brought on deck just the minute everyone get hungry, even though the ship is quite tilted. No problem, we eat in peace and quiet. After 2,5 hours of sailing, we pass the finish line. Satisfied. Again we finish first. Curiously we keep up with the achievements of the other ships and we enjoy the beautiful skies and the wide waters. How lovely Muiden is!

Around 6 p.m. I get to distribute the prizes during the party in the tent. And it goes without saying: the Hoge Wier receives the first prize in its class: the small clippers. I feel a little bit proud for being a part of the team today. We raise our glasses with the crew and return home languidly and satisfied.

Muiden, November 2007-11-07
Anne-Marie Worm-de Moel
Mayoresse of Muiden

Eddie Clark -- Getronics-PinkRoccade
My first introduction to Muiden Maritiem was already 7 years ago. During Sail 2000 we were welcomed on board of the Hoge Wier and sailed the North-Holland Channel together with all the large sailboats to Amsterdam. With a number of colleagues and several relations we had a perfect day; beautiful boats, lovely weather, and a very relaxed atmosphere. Of course, it is really something; getting to steer a boat in such a setting. We received many positive reactions to this.

Meanwhile I have had multiple business presentations and sailing trips organized on board of the Hoge Wier, and they always were very successful. Recently I sailed the saloon steamer "Belle van Zuylen", one of the ships of the sister company Rederij Belle. Sailing along the Vecht you can see the beautiful countryhouses and picturesque villages. Definitely worth a try!

Reynaers and Royal have a sea battle on the IJsselmeer
A true sea battle was held during the annual business outing of Reynaers and Royal, which was organized by Muiden Maritiem this year. The day’s theme was Michiel de Ruyter. Divided among four trading ships and one privateer, the personnel and their partners raced for the booty. Goods and ducats were collected from Pampus and then traded. This was not without a risk. Not only other trading ships could confiscate the goods, but also the super fast privateer ship was waiting to enter the ships.

Water bombs
From the harbour of Muiden we set course for the IJsselmeer. With the wind in our sails, all present enjoyed the sailing trip, the view, and the lovely weather. Some of our colleagues even got the opportunity to steer. We worked hard to hoist the sails and get the maximum speed out of the ship in order to catch up with the other ships and enter them. While screaming exuberantly, we dropped water bombs and canon balls back and forth in order to confiscate the booty.

Catering was very well taken care off. Having caught a breath of fresh air, everyone enjoyed their rolls and even the sailor’s gin found ready fans. On deck, it was a nice place to be and to sunbathe. There was plenty to see and do for everyone. The day, full of fun and competition, was closed with a delicious barbecue near the beach of Muiden.

My compliments for the captains that made our day into a well-organized trip, even though they had an unprofessional, and only temporal crew on board.

CNH Capital Benelux
As a part of an incentive, we recently organized a sail regatta with three tjalks for approximately 40 of our relations. For most participants it was their first introduction to sailing. Therefore, it was a wonderful opportunity to sail a match on the IJsselmeer with such beautiful traditional sailboats. Even though it was the beginning of September, the wind blew from 5 to 6 Beauforts and a few raw storms were expected in which the wind speeds would even increase. Some of us thus embarked the ships a bit frightened. Once on board, everything appeared to be better than expected. The weather improved, and even the sun soon shone. The skippers and their crew proved well prepared to their jobs and they skilfully manoeuvred their ships through the bleak winds to the start. After the competition crew gave the starting signal, there was a nice competition. On board, all guests helped enthusiastically and the skippers wanted to win as well as we did. The good catering ensured that our relations were very well taken care off even in that department. All in all a wonderful day and an amazing experience.

Mariella Dieden - Alterim Support
It can truly happen: sailing along on the Hoge Wier and then return back on shore addicted to sailing. I had a business outing and the invitation said to bring sun lotion, a bathing suit, diving goggles, and’d expect anything but sailing on such a beautiful boat. Once we had arrived in Muiden we were welcomed by Sacha and his seaman. While enjoying a sailor’s gin, we heard the instructions for the day. The engine was started, everyone settled on deck, and we sailed through the beautiful harbour of Muiden onto the Markermeer: wonderful. Of course, I found a seat near the skipper and while I listened to his story about the Hoge Wier’s history, the wind played with my hair, the sun shone on my face, and I enjoyed a drink, it felt like complete relaxation and enjoyment. Soon I got to steer the ship, and then I was hooked; really awesome. The day went by much too fast, and before I knew it I was back on shore again. Because of my enthusiasm, I started Googling for sailing trips abroad the very next day. I found a 10-day trip from Elba to Corsica. That proved to be an amazing adventure as well, even though I had to discover during this trip that my legs were not quite ‘seaworthy’ yet. During this trip I met a lot of great people and after returning from my sailing trip, I contacted Sacha. This time to organize a holiday reunion. I planned to go sailing for a weekend, and this we did. With 13 people we caught a breath of fresh air on the IJsselmeer from Friday to Sunday. Of course, a weekend like that starts on Friday night in café Ome Ko and, dancing on billiard table, we brought the house down! Saturday morning we cast off and the wind blew us to Hoorn. I had made friends already on the other boats and I met the Flippers again in Hoorn. It appeared that one of the flippers had gotten married on board of one of Sacha’s saloon steamers: such a small world. On Sunday, we returned to Muiden and again I got to steer a lot. I enjoyed it very much, it was a lot of fun; laughed a lot, good food, and all under the guidance of Sacha and his seaman. Luckily I get to organize plenty of outings and when we wanted to organize a day with relations, I brought the Hoge Wier under my director’s attention. Of course also out of self-interest! My director got very enthusiastic as well and we went for three more sailing trips; all our relations still talk about it. The most extraordinary experience for me was when I was invited for Sail, which was extremely exciting; sailing across the IJ with so many boats around us. Again I enjoyed it! Thank you Sacha and the Hoge Wier for all those lovely sailing trips. I hope to embark again very soon.

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