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Adriaan, Iep, Sacha
1899. Adriaan de Bruin, inhabitant of Texel, has been dreaming of his own sailing ship for years. He feels an intense bond with the sea and thinks there is good money to be made in the cargo trade. The people of the islands trade products on a weekly basis and it is of great importance that his island has good connections with the main land. Adriaan is 23-years-old. He asks his sister for a loan; she and her husband have set some money aside and live a sober live. Will they help Adriaan to make his dream come true? Adriaan knows a man in Groningen, called Mulder, who is a well-known builder of the most beautiful and fastest sailing vessels in the area. In exchange for the money, Adriaan will christen the ship Anna Cornelia, after his sister.

And that is how it is done. Iep Mulder proves to be a very fine builder indeed; building ships is his passion. Every night he sits at the kitchen table until late, drawing the pictures that he translates into steel the very next day. He looks, he feels, he estimates ... until he is completely satisfied. He primarily builds large sea-going vessels, but building a small clipper, he wants to do as well. When the cargo ship is finally finished, it proves to be one of the fastest clippers around. It sails in one tide from Texel to Ameland; the moment the tide is out, it passes the shoal called the Hoge Wier. Even with low wind speeds! Adriaan is more than happy.

After many adventures in both World Wars and many renovations, the ship is now owned by Cleo and Sacha Emmerik. They relive Adriaan’s happiness. Sacha sails almost any clipper match on the Markermeer, IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea. The Hoge Wier wins match after match. What Cleo and Sacha have added is style and comfort. They no longer sail cargo. The guests of the Hoge Wier enjoy, without exception, the excitement of sailing; the traditional, cosy atmosphere on board, both on deck and below; and of the life, the eating, drinking and sleeping on board of the Hoge Wier.

2007. Do you want to know how that feels? Choose the Hoge Wier. The flagship of Muiden. A winning ship in so many ways. Excitingly fast, enjoyably comfortable, completely equipped to make your day, weekend or week into a true event. Cleo and Sacha will do anything to make your trip one to remember, no matter what kind of trip you choose and how long it will last.

And oh, of course you already deducted that the Hoge Wier thanks its name to the shoal nearby Ameland. A tribute to Adriaan, that enterprising boy from Texel, who believed in the future of the fast sailing cargo trade, already in 1899. A time in which traditional beliefs held that this novelty, this strange invention, the internal-combustion engine, would destroy the future of the cargo industry. Adriaan was not right. Yet, his legacy is still great: the Hoge Wier, engine included.

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